YoU tRuLy LoVe Me!


I am so very grateful to be learning about You!  I am studying in Genesis, Your book of beginnings; and there You are showing Yourself very clearly.  Through the first story of Adam & Eve that I have known since a child, I am learning the backstory and the after story and the depth of the story!  Your Word is so full — it is a mine waiting to unveil treasure!  And treasure I have found!

The backstory is CREATION!  You created all with a word in the beginning — You are powerful and creative!  You are thoughtful and a provider!  You are establisher and care-taker.   The after story is CAIN & ABEL.  You blessed the first parents ever with children.  But because of sin entering the world through Adam there is chaos in the first generation — murder!  And then the depth of the story is what I learn about You in the story of ADAM & EVE right in between the two stories!

I see that You are consistent in your dealings.  The stories are very similar between how You dealt with Adam & Eve and how You dealt with Cain.  You said to Cain after he murdered his brother, “where is your brother?” “why so angry and sad?” “what have you done?” and “now you are cursed”.  To Adam & Eve after eating from the forbidden tree of the knowledge of good and evil, You said “where are you?” “who told you you were naked…did you eat?” “what have you done?” and “cursed is the ground.”  VERY similar!

And every word has love written all over it.  The way You dealt with them is not unlike how You deal with me.  So when I personalize this, from those statements I learn that:
          You care to inquire of my whereabouts (caring)
          You take time to inquire of my state of being, my heart and my actions (protective)
          You call me to be responsible for my choices (prosecutor)
          You punish to prove that You hold me to Your standards (righteous judge)

In meditating on who You are and how You truly love your children, I found myself writing two letters — one that I am glad You did not send, and the other that clearly depicts Your true love!

Dear Adam & Eve,
I know that you are my kids, but I don’t really care where you are or what you do because you have your own life to live.  I mean, our time in the garden has been good, but now you probably just would rather do your own thing.  I’m not going to intrude with questions like “who told you so?” or “did you do what I said not to do?”  You are capable of deciding right from wrong for yourselves and I will not look over your shoulder and ask questions like “what have you done?” because it is a free world and I am sure you have a plan all your own.  As for a curse — that is really old school.  The way it works best is when everyone decides for themselves what works for them and then that eliminates any negative consequences and actually makes the world a happier place for everyone, and I want you to be happy!  As for where you go and what you become that lies on you, and I am sure you will do just fine.  After all with no one to tell you “no” or bother you by looking over your shoulder, or holding you to task, or making any restrictions on you — you are free to be whatever you want to be!  So run free — I have no grip on you because that is how I love you!

Dear Adam & Eve,
I am so grateful that you are my kids and because I truly love you so deeply, I care where you are and what you do.  Our time together in the garden was very good, but now you have made a decision and because of my great love for you, I will inquire of your whereabouts, and I will call you to task to be responsible for that decision.  You do have a freewill to choose, but when you choose wrong, I will inquire because I care about your destiny, probably even more than you do.  I have created this world for you to enjoy and I have a plan for you.  As for a curse, that is merely the proof of my love for you.  The consequences are meant to showcase to you my standard that is steadfast and unchanging, and to prove how very much I desire your holiness in this world, even above your happiness.  As for where you go and what you become, “I have great plans for you, to give you a future and a hope.”  I will use the word “no” from time to time, but it will always be very clear and consistent, and I promise always to watch over you and to provide for you.  Though I do not apologize for making restrictions, you will find that in following Me you are absolutely free — you are free to be all that I have created you to be!  So run free, but know that “I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go” because that is how I love you!”

Thank you for the way You truly love me!