bRaIn A’wHiRl

Lately at the very most initial onset as my brain becomes cognitive of the fact that I am transitioning from sleep to awake, I realize even before the transition is complete, that I am talking to You about all the needs that are a’whirl in my brain.   I am so glad I don’t have to worry about waking You or wondering if You mind the hour that I want to talk.  Before I am even fully awake, and even if it is still the middle of the night, You are already listening to me.

Thank you for meeting my need so thoroughly through the Godhead.

As God, my Heavenly Father, You are sovereign over all.  “You do not slumber or sleep” (Ps 121) but rather You are ever present and always available.    You are Master of the Universe knowing all, having power over all, and capable of being present in all.   My favorite quote of all time shows You off quite nicely.  “If human beings could only faintly comprehend the immeasurable distance between God and our own insignificance, they would not have the colossal impertinence to question God’s ways or His will;  they would simply bow to the truth of the Sovereignty of God”  Irving Jensen.    Thanks for being “all that” but still recognizing me as significant as I fit into Your plan for me, and thanks for being so vast, yet willing and able to reside in my heart and to hear my heart’s cry.

As Jesus, my Savior, You  are the reason I can intercede at all.  You died for me so I could have relationship with You.  You left Your throne in heaven at the right side of God Your Father because You loved me so very much.  And not just me, but an entire world, even those who do not love you back!  Thank you for “dying once for all” and “shedding your precious blood” (Heb 9:11-12) for the purpose of saving me when I was helpless to do so myself.  Help me to remember this costly gift you have given, and how You actually “purchased me for God” (Rev 5:9-10) so that I treasure it for myself and share it with all those you place in my path, so that we all may one day also sit on God’s throne and rule and reign with Him along with You forever!

As Holy Spirit, my Helper through life and Teacher and Comforter and Translator, I don’t have to do any of this life alone!  I would be so much less effective in this role as an Ambassador without the Holy Spirit.  You have a more active role in my life than I even realize or give credit.  You are such a “behind the scenes” asset!  I could not even do what I do without You.  The very first Christians in Acts “received power after the Holy Spirit had come upon them” (Acts 1:8) and Your formula has never changed.  When I walk without You I give up a power that could be mine if I would rather appropriate what is available through You.


“Deep calls to deep at the sound of your waterfalls.  All your breakers and your waves  have rolled over me. The Lord will command His lovingkindness in the daytime and His song will be with me in the night…..a prayer to the God of my life”  Psalm 42:7-8

Thanks for being the three-in-one God of my life, capable of comprehending and handling and steering me through all that this life brings across my path on my way to You!