R&R iN cHatTaNoOgA

From seat 9A on American Eagle flight #3276 headed for Chattanooga, all alone in my window seat, cruising at an altitude low enough to see a clear view of the picturesque landscape below, though buckled in my seat, I know what the cliche must mean to “feel light as a feather and free as a bird!”  With all cares of the world literally left miles behind me, I am stealing away for some much needed R&R.  It is good to get out of the hamster wheel on occasion and see new scenery, meet new friends, think about new possibilities, and make new memories.  For the next four days I will attend the Fall Conference with Kay Arthur at Precept Ministries and do just that.

Thanks for a husband wonderful enough to see beyond his own comfort and willing to see life through my eyes.  Though sending me to Chattanooga meant he would care for our 7 year old blind grandson and all his needs for four days, be the taxi-driver and overseer of our 15 year old high schooler on a busy homecoming weekend, get everyone fed and to their respective destinations, in addition to his normal duties, he still thought of me!  He knew how much it would mean to me, but that I had made the practical decision to stay home, and he went ahead and booked me a flight.
The fact that there was still a “miles” flight available only 11 days before the flight that only cost $10, a spot left in the conference room (which does sell out each year and was sold out when someone checked only days after), and a room available in the hotel of my choice (when it was not available last year even months ahead) were confirmations of a trip meant to be.  Then came the bonus!  In a single day, thinking there was no possible way Janey could join me at this late notice, she wanted to go, she was available to go, she got a pass to fly standby, and her conference fee was covered.  Sometimes You are so gracious, and always You light the way!
We are so excited to celebrate Kay’s 80th birthday with her, and have brought a gift (package of cards) to shower her with love and thanks from our class!   Her ministry has established us in the Word and we will never be the same because of it!  God you must have a very special crown for one who has loved your Word so deeply and cared about your gospel so sincerely!  I have never had a hero before, but Kay is my hero and I love her for what she has taught me!
When I met her in 2008 and was given the privilege of being the speaker escort, I watched and listened in awe.  She spoke from Jeremiah 2.   Like the Israelites we not only forget that You are the “living water” but we live our life digging our own cisterns — “broken cisterns that cannot hold water!”  I loved the truth in the analogy!   She studies so intently and draws out so much and commands the use of the Scripture with such proficiency.  When she signed my Bible at the end of that Bible Conference, I told her I wanted to know the Scripture like she does and she responded, “just keep studying with me inductively, and you will!”  I have been at it for 7 years now and I will continue till heaven because it holds me accountable in the Word and takes me deeper than anything I have ever done before!  And so I am grateful for Precept Ministries, and I am grateful to Kay!  God bless her richly!
In 20 minutes I will land in Chattanooga and my four day R&R adventure will continue!  Thanks for this gift — I accept it with a very satisfied heart!