I’ve journaled through the past 30 years and I can see many benefits!

GROWTH  By just taking on the task of “writing it down” — whatever “it” is, I can see as I read back through, that I have grown through my journals.  I have learned by doing!  Because everything that you do for any length of time, you get a little better at with time.

INSIGHT  I have learned things about myself, about God and His Word, and about others as I have disciplined myself to write it down.  Sometimes I grab my journal without knowing what I will write — that is an intriguing time because I find I learn something just because I wrote!

MEMORIES  I wrote in a “diary just like my grandma” at the young age of 12.  Those entries were pretty predictable and a little stagnant, repeatedly including what time I awoke, what I did, where I went, and even what I wore on a short little page each day.  There is not much to harvest from that, but the discipline of writing began.  I later learned that sharing my feelings and my memories were much more fun to read through again later than the daily statistics of the day.  The addition of photos and scraps makes the memories even more memorable.

TRACING GOD’S HAND  My favorite thing is harvesting my journal.  Nothing takes God by surprise in my life like it does me, and nothing is too difficult for Him, like it seems to be for me!  So when I read back through my journal, after the events of my life, a clear picture of Him at work in my life comes into view in a way that it never would have without this Monday morning quarterbacking, sometimes years later!  I absolutely love being able to trace His hand in my journey on my way to Him.

I will probably continue to “write” in my pretty journals, but today I will begin to “blog” too.

11 thoughts on “JOURNAL TO BLOG

  1. I completely concur. And, I love that you are staring this Blog! I do recommend you BOLD the print so it is easier to read for your older friends on the cutesy background!

  2. Thank you Debbie for sharing! God continues to use YOU to be a blessing to all of us!
    I love you, Glenda

  3. Congratulations, Debbie! I know this is going to be such a blessing as you share with others. (And I shared the link with the UPGRADE partners at, too!) You are a woman of wisdom in the Word!

  4. Woooohoooo! I love this Debbie! Thank you for allowing God to use that beautiful heart of yours to lead other women. You are truly a gift!!

  5. Hi Debbie!!! What a Blessing as me and David get fully moved to or new home ! My heart has been heavy thinking of the distance, but with this technology I will still be able to be a part of! I so loved the dedication to doing Revelations in precepts, I studied even when not present and my studies go on, in Escape the coming Night Series by Dr.Jeremiah , I am so blessewd to have the word of Our Lord in my Heart and in my life, and you have been a big part of that, I now have tools for understanding what God is saying in His Word and love finding the true meaning! Thank You and Ben for everything Blessing’s to you and family Lorriann

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